Lincoln Casino- Terms of Use

If you are new to Lincoln Casino, you must follow the rules. For instance, you must play from a country that is not restricted. Also, you must be at least 18 years old to use the casino. You are not allowed to use Lincoln Casino games for anything else besides entertainment. 

The casino reserves the right to refuse new members from the US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Northern Ireland and Antiqua. 

Players’ Responsibilities 

As a player at Lincoln Casino, you must accept the terms and conditions before accessing your account. On the other hand, acceptance and agreement of the Terms of Conditions includes the following actions.

  • Accessing the casino
  • Opening a new account or using a member or guest account at the casino
  • Downloading Lincoln Casino software
  • Accepting prizes from the casino

You must always read the fine print to avoid any hassles when withdrawing, registering or depositing money in your account. The casino has the right to refuse entry to a person regarding their jurisdiction and other reasons.

Once you have created an account, you must provide accurate information when signing up. This includes first name, last name, email address, street address, zip code, country, phone number and date of birth. You must update any outdated information immediately.

Lincoln Casino may request proof of your source of funding or wealth at a later stage. This includes the source of the financing for e-wallets. The information is used to open an account with a payment processor handling all casino transactions.

The casino is not liable for any damages that happen to you if there is any misuse of information shared online. However, the casino takes relevant measures to ensure your information is safe and secure.

You are responsible for keeping your password, account number or username secret. You are also liable for any wagers, deposits, losses or withdrawals in your account. You must not hold the casino responsible for any transactions after giving away your account information.

If you lose, misplace or forget your account information, you can’t hold the casino responsible for any transactions after that. You are not allowed to give your account information to anyone else. You must only access the account using your name. 

You are not allowed to play on behalf of someone else. If account verification can’t be done, you cannot withdraw your winnings. If you are playing using real money, you permit the casino to investigate your creditworthiness.

As such, the casino can inquire from third parties to find out your financial standing. This may happen with deposits and withdrawals. The casino has the right to cancel your account for any reason. However, they will pay out your balance before the cancellation process.

You must acknowledge and understand that the company reserves the name, logo and other property displayed by the casino. You have no right to such names, trademarks, terms, or concepts with the casino’s material.

If you are affiliated with the casino, you are not eligible to participate in the games. This includes licensees, wholesalers, distributors, subsidiaries, affiliates, promotion or advertising agencies or family members.

You may not hold the casino’s affiliates liable for any damages from using the website. This includes signing up, playing games, accepting prizes and using the software. The same applies to any actions taken towards you for using the casino and its products.

Restrictions and Availability 

Additionally, you must confirm whether or not using Lincoln Casino is allowed in your jurisdiction. If it is authorised, you must comply with all the regulations and laws in the jurisdiction. Lincoln Casino doesn’t provide legal advice or otherwise about availability in specific areas.

The casino’s employees don’t have the authority to provide warranties, representations and advice regarding availability. Once you sign up, the casino is assured that you have proper knowledge regarding restrictions and availability in your jurisdiction.

Also, the casino understands that you are not a minor and will comply with all rules and regulations upon sign-up. Lincoln Casino accepts players above 21 years old. Wagers from minors will not be accepted. Any transaction in the casino carried out by a minor is null and void. 

As such, no winnings will be paid out. Lincoln Casino has the right to request proof of age from any player. You will lose access to your account if you don’t log into the casino for at least 12 consecutive months. The balance in your account will be voided and reactivated upon request.

Wagering and Gameplay Terms and Conditions

You are not required to use real money to play games. However, you must make real money wagers if you have to comply with the terms and conditions of the casino. The same applies to all general rules and procedures regarding wagers.

Any play at Lincoln Casino is at your sole risk. You must understand that you bear all the risks associated with gaming and wagering. There is no assurance of winnings, and you may lose money in the casino when making wagers.

All wagers must be done through the casino’s interface, through the website or the downloadable client. You must not use a robot player to make wagers. The casino may invalidate your wagers or cancel your account if this is detected.

If you are found using multiple browsers or manipulating information, you will forfeit your winnings. Your account may also be terminated. If, by any error, funds are credited to your account, you must notify the casino immediately.

If you use these funds for wagers, your winnings will not be paid. If you report the error immediately, the casino will retain any payouts from the amounts. You may not hold the casino liable for any actions from yourself or another player resulting in the following.

  • Causing the failure, destruction or damage of the casino server or records
  • Winnings resulting from hardware, software or other problems with the casino software or servers
  • Omissions, delays, errors or losses resulting from system failure
  • Attempts from players to participate in games in ways not approved by the company

The Lincoln Casino software is the official register of all transactions. If there are any discrepancies, the server record is the official record. It will be used to settle disputes and govern the play. The casino is not liable for any damages from such discrepancies.

The casino’s word is final and binding if a dispute results from games, winnings, and other matters. All tournaments and spins will end at the scheduled time. If any are left when the time ends, they will not extend beyond the communicated period.

Lincoln Casino can void any winnings and refund the original deposit. This may happen under any of the following conditions. 

  • If you are not able to establish your individuality
  • Using your bank cards in another name besides your registered name. All deposits must be in your registered account. When requesting a withdrawal, you must provide proof of these bank cards.
  • If you provide any misleading information
  • If the casino believes you are not of legal age or don’t meet the eligibility criteria
  • If you allow someone else to play on your account
  • If you participate in a promotion and withdraw before meeting the wagering requirements
  • If you are found cheating or using machines or software to defeat the casino
  • If you breach any of the terms or conditions
  • If you have been identified as a promotional abuser

You will lose your winnings if you abuse the terms and conditions of any bonus. You can only withdraw winnings if you meet the 5x requirements for a no-deposit bonus. You are not allowed to withdraw any money unless you make a wager at least once.

Withdrawal Requests

The minimum withdrawal limit is $150 using the available withdrawal options. You are allowed to withdraw a maximum of $5,000 every week. Any payouts greater than this will be paid out over several weeks until the total amount is cleared.

If there are any changes to the payment details, the risk department must vet the amendments before accepting payouts. It may take up to 5 business days, and a confirmation email will be shared.

Lincoln Casino ensures that all withdrawals are paid out in a timely manner. If other factors are at play, such as limitations from financial institutions, withdrawals may take longer. If you provide any materials to the casino for prize claims, they will not be returned.

You may not hold the casino liable for any illegible, late, damaged or misdirected entries or prize claims. 

Responsible Gaming 

By signing up to Lincoln Casino, you confirm the following about responsible gaming.

  • Any play, including opening an account, making bets or depositing money, is for entertainment.
  • Any other use of the casino, illegal or legal, is prohibited.
  • Playing and use of the casino’s games isn’t for professional purposes.
  • You won’t find the games, the casino or online gaming offensive, immoral, unfair, objectionable and indecent.
  • Some casino players may have an addiction to gambling or be unable to control their wagering or gaming activities.

Lincoln Casino is not liable for any losses or damages in the event of any of these clauses. 


All phone conversations are only used for customer support purposes. Any information on the website or email is subject to rules and regulations. You cannot use abusive or offensive language when using Lincoln Casino’s products.

You are not permitted to use sexist, racist or profane language when playing games or talking to customer support. The casino can change your username with any abusive language and take necessary action. Your account may be closed if you are found in violation of these policies. 

The casino is not liable for information sourced from third parties. Regardless of whether the casino is the source or has endorsed this information, third-party information is not valid. Any information provided by customer support that doesn’t meet the rules and regulations of the casino is null and void.


Lincoln Casino ensures players’ safety and security while at the casino. You must accept the terms and conditions before using the casino. This way, you can follow the terms and conditions to avoid any hassles.

The terms and conditions of Lincoln Casino are final. The casino can close your account or void your winnings if you violate any rules and regulations.

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