Lincoln Casino Privacy

Lincoln Casino respects the privacy of all players. It is the owner and user of all information collected on the site. The casino will not sell, share, or rent your information to others. Let’s dive into Lincoln Casino’s privacy policy.

What type of personal information is collected?

To access Lincoln Casino, you must download the casino software. You are required to provide your email address. Once you share this, it is saved to a database. Your IP address and the date or time the information is submitted are also captured. The casino will assign a unique visitor value immediately.

How is this information used?

Lincoln Casino uses this information as a communication tool. The casino uses it to find out your download experience. You may also be notified of important information regarding the casino whenever necessary.

Does the Lincoln Casino website use cookies?

Yes. The Lincoln Casino website uses cookies. They are used to determine where every site visitor comes from. The information is an anonymous profile of all visitors. It is used for measuring advertising needs. The casino will not track your behavior on the site using cookies.

No personal information will be stored after visiting the site. The cookie is removed after 90 days of your original visit. The cookie is only used for the site you are visiting. The casino will not look for other cookies. They will not store the information for other sites to use.

How do we protect visitor information?

Lincoln Casino has a few measures to ensure the overall safety of all information. For instance, all information is stored on a secure network. It is accessible by a few employees with special rights access to the database.

The casino uses security and encryptions provided by the VeriSign security system to access customer information. When you access the casino website, your information is protected by the best encryption software using 128-SSL encryption.

As a user, you also play a role in protecting your information. For instance, anybody can access your data on the website or log into your account without your password or username. Don’t share this information with anyone.

Does Lincoln Casino disclose all information from the website to other parties?

Lincoln Casino doesn’t sell, trade or transfer information to other parties. This covers any personal information you may provide while on the website. The same applies if there is a successor in ownership and title.

How can I opt out of, modify, or remove any information provided to Lincoln Casino through the website?

You are allowed to unsubscribe from emails to avoid receiving future emails. It’s a simple process below.

  • Click on the unsubscribe link found in the email. Next, you can provide your email address to be removed from the distribution list.
  • Reply to the email using UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line
  • Contact the customer support department to unsubscribe.

Any of these three options allow you to unsubscribe from any emails.

How are the website log files used?

Lincoln Casino uses IP addresses to analyze trends, for site administration, track user movements and gather information from demographics. IP addresses don’t have any personal information about website visitors.

Third-Party Links

Lincoln Casino’s site may contain links to other sites. When you click on these links, you are accessing another site. It’s prudent to read the privacy statements of the other linked sites. The privacy policy on these sites may differ from that of Lincoln Casino.

By using Lincoln Casino, you have consented to the casino’s collection and use of your information. If the privacy policy changes, all updates will be provided immediately. This way, all site visitors know what is collected, how it is used and when it may be disclosed.


Lincoln Casino welcomes questions, concerns and comments on Privacy. Email any feedback regarding privacy or other issues to the customer support team. 

Legal Disclaimer 

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